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Winged Scapula Taping Application

My client came in presenting with pain coming from the backside of her shoulder blade and her upper neck. Upon assessment, I identified she had shoulder dysfunction stemming from weak stabilizing muscles around her shoulder blade. This, in turn, was creating long and weak shoulder stabilizing musculature which was referring pain from the base of her neck, down to the top of her shoulder. She was also reporting of headaches during her work day. The combination of the hyper-toned muscle groups and the weak muscle groups is causing a “winged scapula” which,in this case, is upwardly rotated. For the last fourteen years this client has worked a desk job, which contributes to the perpetuating factors of her postural circumstances. As she has battled this condition for years, I developed a strength training and treatment plan for her to regain her movement minus pain. Here we will address her pain by attenuating the overstretched position by applying RockTape to help support the elasticity of the supporting muscles. I find this use of RockTape in between treatment sessions greatly helps the patient progress through her day without the symptoms of pain that she experiences.

Pictured here, I have prepared two “Y” strips. The five inch black strip and the eight inch purple strip. 

For the first application I placed my patient in a position where her hand is placed up her back, with the back of her hand against her lumbar spine. I anchored the first strip with zero stretch on the base of the collar bone with zero stretch. I then added twenty percent stretch to the tails moving in an upward direction with one of the tails ending off at the base of the skull on the bony protrusion on lateral side. 

The second tail was stretched at 20% moving upwards in the same direction finishing off at the mid spine.

For the second tape application, I instructed the client to move her arm toward her midline in a horizontal manner. Between the top and the bottom of the shoulder blade, I anchored down with zero stretch. The top tail was applied toward the top part of her shoulder blade. The bottom tail was placed towards the inner angle of the shoulder blade, both using 30% stretch, again, anchoring down with zero stretch.

For videos of more taping applications, visit RockTape on YouTube!

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