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Vacation Fitness

We have just returned from a relaxing March break vacation in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.My parents are snowbirds and have spent every Winter for the last decade enjoying the Arizona heat and escaping the Canadian cold.Fortunately for us, this means that we often make the trip down and enjoy their accommodation and some Southern sunshine, just as the annual Spring thaw is beginning at home.

With a three-hour time change at this time of year, early mornings don’t feel quite as early when we’re there.We’re often up with the sunrise and starting our day with the desert chill, and that almost always means an early-morning workout for my husband and I.It’s such a part of our normal that we don’t even think about it.Sometimes it’s a neighbourhood run and some core work in the backyard, sometimes it’s bootcamp-style in the driveway, sometimes it’s a drop-in at the local Crossfit gym.But whatever it is, it’s done because movement is simply a part of our lives.

Yes, vacation is often accompanied by indulgences, but the workouts aren’t to offset that.They aren’t a punishment for extra food or extra drinks, they aren’t to ease any guilt or keep to a schedule.In fact, if we were to spend a week of vacation without workouts, it wouldn’t feel like a vacation at all.Vacations are to be filled with things that you love, and there’s not much I love more than having a leisurely breakfast and the luxury of working out without time constraints.

If you’re reading this RockTape blog, my guess is that movement is also important to you.We’re probably like-minded and you probably understand exactly what I mean when I say that working out while on vacation is one of my favourite things to do.And if you’re on the other side of the coin, if you’re someone who takes a “vacation” from workouts while on vacation, I encourage you to add in some more movement the next time you’re away from home, and I bet you’ll see how much better you feel.