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Taping an Achilles Tendon

My patient came into the clinic today presenting with pain in the mid insertion point of the Achilles tendon. She began feeling the pain at the end of a long day. Stair climbing and being on her feet made the pain a lot worse. The problem got so bad that even driving her vehicle was enough to trigger the problem. The difficulty with this particular client is that she often works out of town and is constantly on her feet which makes the problem worse. I manually released her calf muscle and applied RockTape to her affected leg to mitigate the pain and tension going through the calf and heel.

After some manual muscle testing, we identified the problem to be overly tight calf muscles. This limited her ankle mobility and she demonstrated pain with movement in active ranges of motion. Following the treatment, I applied a tendon correction technique on the patient. She reported that, once she got off the table, the pain had disappeared altogether. Using RockTape between our sessions will help this patient get through her long work days by decreasing pain in the structures affected by assisting the achilles tendon in function and limiting ranges of motion where the patient is limited

I started with an eleven inch “Y” strip. I asked the patient to move down on the treatment table so her foot was hanging off slightly. I then passively dorsiflexed her foot using my thigh to place the ankle into a stretched position.

Anchor onto the bottom of the calcaneus with zero stretch and as you come upwards towards the calf, place a 75% stretch over the Achilles tendon and continue moving upwards. As soon as the tendon is cleared, anchor down with the free hand at the base of the musculo-tendonous junction (MTJ). Once you have anchored down at the base, place a 25% stretch and continue to move upwards to the base of the calf’s musculo-tendonous junction and anchor down.


At this point, you will take both of the tails and do 20% tension upwards and outwards encapsulating the outer heads of the Gastrocnemius.

For videos of more taping applications, visit RockTape on YouTube!

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