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Taping a Torn ACL

A patient came in reporting pain after a skiing accident last winter. She completely ruptured her ACL and sprained her MCL. The surgeon went in and cleaned up the ACL, which flipped and ended up locking the knee in position. The patient has a second surgery scheduled for the Fall. Until then, our goal is to strengthen and tape her joint to allow her to go about her day to day functions.

The following is a taping application to strengthen and support her joint:

Begin by positioning the knee in thirty-five degrees of flexion.

Prepare a four-inch strip and anchor it along the bottom of the patellar tendon.

Following the patellar anchor, cut a twelve-inch strip to place just above the anchor with 75% stretch, until cleared of the Tibiofemoral line. Once the line is cleared on both sides, lay the tape down with paper off tension.

Use a second twelve-inch strip to anchor on the Tibia with no stretch until the Tibiofemoral line. From there, apply a 70% stretch upwards toward the midline looping over the top of the patella and down the lateral knee joint, forming a horse shoe shape.

This patient now has frontal and transverse plane movements and reports independence and wellbeing. We will continue to treat and tape this patient up until her surgery in a couple of months.

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