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Patella Tracking Case Study

Patella Tracking Case Study

Patella femoral pain and dysfunction issues are common for many people. There are as many causes of patella femoral pain as there are ways to treat it. A method I have been using successfully recently is the RockFloss band combined with RockTape. The athlete in this case study had dislocated her patella a year ago, and was presenting with pain, clicking, anxiety and fear over returning to sport.

Before the RockFloss application, the athlete reported clicking and feeling anxious of bending her knee to squat, and there was visible patella lateral subluxation while she squatted. When the floss band was providing compression over her knee joint complex, she reported feeling much less clicking, and felt more confident in her ability to squat successfully. I applied a medial glide with my hands over her patella while she was squatting, and this further reduced her reports of clinking and anxiousness. After 5 repetitions, we removed the band and the athlete squatted independently with minimal reports of clicking and apprehension. Visibly, the patella movement appeared significantly reduced. We repeated the application with continued success. I then applied RockTape using the tweak method to impart a medial glide on the skin over the front of her knee.

Her homework? I loaned her the band, and taught her how to apply the glide herself before her workouts to help her motor control patterns and confidence. I also taught her how to tape her knee, and will see her again in a few weeks.

This athlete left the clinic with feelings of hope, reduced symptoms and independence. A win win for athlete and therapist.