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Meet Sam Medina - OMT, FRCms

MEET SAM! Our Newest Ambassador! 

My start was in the Bachelors of Physical Education program at the University of Manitoba. I then moved to Calgary where my plan was to transfer into the Kinesiology program. In the midst of my degree program, I was hired by a multi-disciplinary clinic in Calgary. While I was working there I came to the realization that, even with a degree in Phys Ed/ Kinesiology, I would struggle to meet clients. This was because working as a Kinesiologist isn’t commonly covered by insurance companies like the massage or osteopathic therapy programs. Therefore, I enrolled and successfully completed an Orthopaedic Massage Therapy (OMT) program.

I am certified as a soft tissue therapist with specialization in trigger point therapy (TRPT), Cross Fibre Frictions and IASTM. These are three manual therapy interventions I include in treatments, to help assist my patients and clients in their recovery process.

I am also certified as a mobility trainer

I currently work at a multi- disciplinary clinic in downtown Calgary doing body composition analysis, rehabilitation, and mobility training. I also work out of a strength and conditioning centre where I focus on strength training and soft tissue therapy relative to the Peripheral Nervous System.

I am the in-house orthopaedic consultant at my home club AlavancaYYC/ATOS Jiu- Jitsu. I am also the sport therapist for the Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (CBJJF) during their big tournaments in Alberta. I currently engage in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and hold the rank of blue belt.

Check out Sam's social media!

IG: @specfitness@bandaid_jiujitsu

Learn even more about Sam here!