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Blocked shot? A telling tale of how RockTape can help with contusions

This is an unusual case of a player sustaining a significant contusion. While hockey players sustain contusion all the time from blocking shots or stick checks. These types of contusions don’t usually happen to goalies. Goalies are extremely well protected except for a few areas. Unfortunately for this goalie one of those areas is the posterior thigh. This area doesn’t normal see shots, but in this case the goalie was turned toward the net fishing out pucks from within. One of the shooters didn’t realize he was doing this and unloaded a full slap shot toward the net and struck the goalie on the posterior thigh. The goalie pants were just raised high enough that they did not offer any protection because he was bent over at the time. I used the lymphatic strips application very effectively in this case. You can clearly see the difference the strips made in only a few days.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3