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A Q&A With Persis Meisters - Kinesiology & Nutrition

Persis Meisters is a Kinesiologist and Precision Nutrition coach living in Kelowna, B.C.. She is very diverse with the clientele she works with, but there are a few areas she loves to devote her time to in particular. Persis loves working with people who are new to fitness and working out. Forming a strong foundation of fundamentals is key to how she trains her clients. She also enjoys working with seniors, and has a position as a program facilitator for the Walk and Talk program ( a free program that provides exercise, and health and wellness education) in West Kelowna. And for an added challenge, Persis has recently taken on more complex rehabilitation cases, which she said will help her to grow as a Kinesiologist and allow her to assist people with a wider variety of injuries. When she isn't with clients, Persis keeps busy with a 10 acre property that her and her boyfriend recently purchased, running her business as a Kinesiologist, camping, fishing, hunting, and of course hiking in the back country.

Q: What got you into personal training?

A: In my early 20's I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. My doctor advised me I should look into doing some physical activity, as I was fairly sedentary at the time. After some thought about what I would like to do for exercise, I decided to try out a boxing class. Boxing was the catalyst for where I am today. I fell in love with boxing, and before you know it I was training 5-6 days a week and working on entering my first fight. As time progressed I became a boxing coach, and that's where I really started to think about going to school and making movement a career. At the age of 24, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the University of Manitoba and start my degree in Kinesiology.

Q: What is your favourite aspect of your job?

A: The people! I love meeting so many amazing people that I would normally never meet if I didn't do the job that I do. I am truly blessed to have such amazing clients! I also love that I can help people reach their goals, from fitness and weight loss, to better movement and pain relief.

Q: You often post really interesting workouts on social media. Where do you get your inspiration for workouts that keep people motivated?

A: My clients often joke that I must spend my nights awake coming up with crazy workouts and exercises! But really, I pull inspiration from all that I have learned from my coaches and mentors both past and present. I also spend a lot of time in courses, constantly learning and adding to my exercise toolbox.

Q: You do some pretty interesting activities, such as outdoor exploration. What got you started with that?

A: About 9 years ago I would travel from Manitoba to Kelowna, BC on a regular basis to visit friends. A couple of those friends were avid hikers, hunters, fishers, and generally outdoorsy people. After a couple of backcountry hikes, I was hooked. Once I graduated University in 2014 I immediately moved to Kelowna and began to immerse myself in an outdoor exploration life.

Q: What does a typical outdoor exploration adventure look like?

A: Exploring the wild has been a gradual process of learning, growing, and increasing the difficulty over the years. When I first started I was pretty cautious as I didn't know much about tracking, or the use of a compass (lets face it, I still don't know how to use a compass but I am darn handy with GPS). My friend and I would drive up into the mountains and we would separate on foot to go explore nature and hopefully see some beautiful animals (moose, elk, deer, etc..). There were no trails, no signs. Lots of days I wouldn't walk further than I could see the car for fear of getting lost. Other days, we would hike together, which allowed me to learn from him, and build my confidence. Now, many years later, I still go exploring with that same friend, who is now my partner. We will often be on the trail and on our own solo paths before sunrise. The hikes will last all day, and can range from 5km to 20km. Some hikes we pack tents and the basic necessities and spend the night in the mountains and continue on the next day. Some days those hikes have a purpose too, like trying to find a cave to go caving in. It all depends on the adventure we have picked.

Q: How does outdoor exploration challenge your fitness?

A: I spend 3-5 days a week in the gym, working out in one form or another (spin, kettlebells, barbell lifting, TRX etc...). Those workouts help to form the fundamentals that I need when out in the wild. Outdoor exploration on foot can mean crawling over toppled down trees, wading though creeks, rock climbing, and crawling through thick brush. Sometimes I have a small pack on my back, other times I could have 60-70 lbs of gear with me. It can be mentally and physically punishing, but it makes me stronger physically and emotionally, in a way that the gym never could.

Q: How did you get introduced to RockTape?

A: My first experience with RockTape was though my chiropractor Dr. Snow, at Valeo here in Kelowna. I was headed out for a weekend of hiking and was having some neck tension issues. So along with a few other modalities, he applied some hot pink RockTape. It provided me with a world of relief, especially as it was a weekend with a heavy pack to carry.

Q: Do you have any interesting RockTape applications that you use with your clients?

A: I can't say that I have any interesting applications, but I do carry RockTape everywhere I go. From the back of my car for my at home clients, to way up in the mountains on a 10 day caving expedition, I've always got a roll with me. Thanks RockTape for being such an amazing company, and having such phenomenal educators, like Julia Mitchell! You help me to help a lot of people!

Check out Persis' instagram here!

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